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Exploring Belonging: A Heartwarming Evening at Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte

On Thursday, March 21, from 6 pm to 8 pm, Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte opened its doors to host a remarkable event - an Open Tables gathering facilitated by the Mecklenburg Metropolitan Interfaith Network (MeckMIN). This evening was not just an ordinary event; it was a celebration of diversity, compassion, and understanding.


Approximately 50 people, representing various faiths and spanning all ages from toddlers to elders, came together to participate in this special occasion. Held during Ramadan, a month of fasting observed by Muslims, the attendees demonstrated solidarity by abstaining from eating until sundown, honoring the Muslim members of the community.


The atmosphere was filled with warmth and camaraderie as individuals shared a vegetarian potluck meal, ensuring that everyone could partake according to their religious dietary restrictions. This act of inclusivity reflected the core values of MeckMIN - promoting interfaith collaboration and respecting the dignity of every person.


The evening's discussion centered around the theme of belonging - exploring what it means to belong individually and collectively. As participants engaged in conversations at tables of 6-8 people, representing diverse faith backgrounds and traditions, they delved into meaningful exchanges guided by the Conversation Agreements.


MeckMIN's Open Tables program, launched in the summer of 2019, aims to foster substantive relationships among diverse congregations through fellowship and food. Unlike traditional gatherings, Open Tables events actively involve members, not just clergy, from each congregation. This inclusive approach emphasizes the importance of grassroots engagement in building interfaith understanding and community cohesion.


The Conversation Agreements served as the cornerstone of the evening, creating a safe and respectful environment for dialogue. Participants embraced curiosity, listened to understand, and suspended judgment as they explored shared values and perspectives. They celebrated common ground while acknowledging and respecting differences, fostering authenticity and purposeful conversation.


At Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte, the Open Tables event was not just an isolated occurrence but part of a larger movement towards building a community that lives by the highest values of faith traditions. It was a testament to the power of dialogue, fellowship, and compassion in transcending barriers and nurturing belonging among all.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to MeckMIN for their invaluable partnership and unwavering commitment to promoting interfaith collaboration and understanding. Together, we are creating a more inclusive and compassionate world, one conversation at a time.


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