About Galilee

Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte works with our Program Partners to provide direct services at the Galilee Center.  Together we are serving 500+ people per month who are leveraging Galilee

as a springboard for a new and better life through education and empowerment.

Founded in 2015 by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte (GMEC) operates the Galilee Center where we share our historic buildings and lush grounds with other non-profits to provide direct services and programs to refugees, immigrants, migrants and our neighbors in East Charlotte.  Through your generosity we can donate space or charge a nominal fee to organizations for the purpose of “feeding body, mind and spirit.”  Organizations find the Galilee Center to be a sacred place of welcome and hospitality.  It is the ideal spot for worship communities to celebrate with their congregations, for other nonprofits and business organizations to host business meetings, have health clinics, conduct training classes, care for refugee children after school, operate a food pantry and host fundraising and other events. 

Get to Know Us


Faith Hamilton

Interim Executive Director

Welcome Faith!

We are excited that Faith Hamilton has joined the Galilee staff as the Interim Executive Director. She began in her role in January 2022. Faith is an immigrant from Jamaica, who grew up in the Anglican church. Her love for people, has led her to serve refugees, immigrants, migrants, and local communities with the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Faith is a servant leader with a passion for building community, championing collaboration and mentoring. Faith is a Bank of America retiree, and joins Galilee from Year Up. Her personal mission is to serve the disadvantaged and marginalized to fulfill their potential. She is blessed to have a daughter and son. Faith has her MBA from Pepperdine University and her MS, Industrial Psychology and Organization Development from California State University, Los Angeles. She graduated from Brooklyn College, New York with her BA in Psychology. She currently volunteers with Year Up, M2M, and Roof Above. She is grateful for the opportunity to use her gifts of exhortation, kindness and mercy to serve with the staff and partners of Galilee.

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Greetings from the Board of Directors of Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte (GMEC)!  We invite you to visit our historic buildings, lush gardens, and quiet meditation areas at the Galilee Center.  We are grateful to share our spaces with other non-profits who provide direct services and programs to refugees, immigrants, migrants and our neighbors in East Charlotte. We share our spaces with organizations for the purpose of “feeding body, mind and spirit.” 


Newcomers find the Galilee Center to be a place of welcome and hospitality. Through our direct-services partners, we are serving more than 500 people per month who see Galilee as a springboard for a new and better life. Visitors to the Galilee Center are accessing the following services:

  • English as a second language education 

  • Workforce development to build skills so individuals can earn a living wage 

  • Nutrition programs to help alleviate food insecurity 

  • Afterschool enrichment for the education, support and security of children 

  • Culture classes for welcome and inclusion 

  • Prayer and worship  

  • Advocacy and other ways of community engagement and relationship building


And you can join us! GMEC relies on the generosity and kindness of donors to sustain our mission and share these gifts with the community we serve. We invite you on the journey as we reimagine new ways of showing our love for the Eastside community.

Board of Directors

The Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple, VI Bishop Suffragan of NC

The Rev. Robin Sands, Co-Chair 

Joanne Jenkins, Co-Chair 

Heather Cart-Ward, Secretary 

Katie Kirby, Treasurer

Bettie Jones, Recording Clerk

Deborah Clark

The Rev. Carmen Jones

Tom Little

Edward Smith II

Vickie Traynum


Faith Hamilton, Interim Executive Director

Glenn Hooper, Operations Manager

Ma Diki

Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina

The Episcopal Church and the other churches in the worldwide Anglican community are committed to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, who served the poor, the needy, and the outcast.

The Episcopal Church is organized into dioceses, of which there are three in North Carolina. Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte is a special mission of the Diocese of North Carolina.  If you would like to learn more about the Episcopal Church, click on the links above.