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Bringing Nature into Your Urban Space

Galilee Green

The Galilee Green, on the front lawn of the Galilee Center, is a sacred resting place for the community and our neighbors to visit.  On any day you will see pedestrians, bikers, bus riders as well as commuters visiting our Galilee Green to enjoy the edible landscape and native plants; children enjoy the playscape and butterfly garden, when in bloom our orchard bears succulent blueberries and figs for guests to consumer while relaxing on our benches and embracing the peace and tranquility you will feel during your visit. 

Universal Sacred Harvest

Universal Sacred Harvest is a 4 phase process. We will bring
everyone together to Seed, Water, Attend, and Harvest. We
will do that literally with an innovative vertical aeroponic
gardening system and figuratively with the hearts and souls of
the people.

Community Garden

Adjoining our Galilee Green is the Galilee Community Garden where refugee families lease plots of land to grow their own healthy and fresh food.

Sacred Spaces

Families escape from the business of our day to day, to enjoy a time for meditation and reflection in our tranquil Peace Garden or sit under our portico adjacent to our Memorial Garden. All of this is provided by Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte at no cost to our neighbors, thanks to your generosity. 

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